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Unisinos University - Nilo Peçanha - POA/RS

Structural Design in Reinforced Concrete Molded on Site, Structural Masonry and Structure Metallic - 66,585m².

PUCRS - Building 32 - POA/RS

Reinforced Concrete Structure Project molded on site - 15,000m².

PUCRS - Building 99 - POA/RS

Reinforced concrete structure project molded on site - 20,183m².

Sebrae Headquarters - BH/MG

Reinforced Concrete Structure Project Molded on Site, Metal Structure, Foundations, Diaphragm Curtains and Curtains - 15,000m².

Univates - University and Lajeado Theater and Library Building / RS

Reinforced Concrete Structure Project Molded on Site, Metal Structure and Foundations - 12,000m².

Building of the Attorney General's Office - POA/RS

Project in Molded Reinforced Concrete Structure - 25.000m².

Andrade Gutierrez - Sport Club Internacional Stadium Beira Rio - POA/RS

Metal Roofing Project - 42,000m². Project of the new foundations of the stadium; Project In Precast Concrete Structure for grandstands and Metallic for Suites - 20.000m².

Codemig - Presidente Itamar Franco BH/MG

Culture Station Project in Reinforced Concrete Structure Molded on Site and Metallic Structure 35,000m².

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