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Structural calculation, BIM modeling or 3D scanning. Our work covers the
Following fundamental stages of planning, building and executing a project. Check out
What each company in our group can contribute to protecting its construction:


Sim Projetos is a company of the Simon Group, which has been working in the civil construction market for over 40 years. We operate in the structural calculation engineering sector in the most diversified types of segments, in Brazil and abroad.

. Rationalized sealing masonry
. Conventional concrete structures
. Reinforced concrete structure molded on site
. Structural masonry
. Metallic structures
. Precast reinforced concrete structures
. Prefabricated structures
. Special structures
. Structural reinforcement

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Empresas do Grupo

Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology we have built virtually a enterprise, seeking practical and innovative solutions to the main problems observed in works optimizing time and investments.

. BIM compatibility
. Executive BIM Modeling
. Project coordination
. 4D Planning
. Quantitative Extraction
. 5D measurement

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Operates in the engineering and architecture sector bringing solutions for capturing reality through3D scanning (point cloud) with millimetre precision and tools for inspection and BIM projects.


. 3D laser scanning
. Dimensional control of metallic and concrete structures
. Geometrical inspection
. Monitoring of mining and geology structures

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It simplifies engineering and architectural processes through technology. With experience in programming and in the project market, we develop software and tools applied to the construction environment, bringing innovation and agility to your processes.


. custom plugins
Independent software and platforms

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Structures Report

Technical analysis of structural stability or identification of possible existing pathologies. It is a document that will attest to the general conditions of the construction, pointing out solutions applicable to each situation.

Projects quality control

We carry out a technical, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the structural design, for emission an opinion indicating the points to be observed, as well as suggestions for adjustments.

Projects compatibilization

Integrating several different projects, through the BIM platform (Building Information Modeling), the compatibility of projects resolves possible interdisciplinary interferences, optimizing time and minimizing unforeseen expenses.

Project Management

Besides planning, we can guide and coordinate all stages, areas and activities of the project, ensuring the expected result at the end of construction.

Construction Management

Indicated to a broad control of execution, monitors of the schedule and offers a management service for the team involved in construction.

Quality Control of Works

Service that works daily at the construction site, following all the steps for issuance of reports, containing photographs and displays of positive or corrective items, related to the execution of the work.

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