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Gramado Parks - Buona Vitta Resort - Gramado/RS

Structural Design in Reinforced Concrete Molded on Site, Structural Masonry, StructureMetallic and Foundations - 46,550m².

Goldsztein Cyrela - Cond. Residencial Way - POA/RS

Structural Masonry Project - 24,500m².

Goldsztein Cyrela - Residential Condominium Terra Bela Planalto - POA/RS

Reinforced Concrete Structure Project Molded on Site and Structural Masonry - 32,500m².

Gafisa - Residential Condominium New Age - Curitiba/PR

Design in Reinforced Concrete Structure molded on the Site - 40,500m².

Multiplan - Diamond Tower and Residence Du Lac 

Barra Shopping Sul - POA/RS - Project in Molded Reinforced Concrete Structure on Site And Metallic Structure - 27,000m² and 22,000m².

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